United States Medical Board

The UNITED STATES MEDICAL BOARDS recognize U.S. and FOREIGN TRAINED doctors and offers board certification in medicine, surgery and cosmetic surgery. Medical graduates of who have completed medical school and subsequent training associated with the World Health Organization (www.who.org) or recognized by the World Federation of Medical Education (www.wfme.org ) are now eligible for certification and recognition by the USMB.

The UNITED STATES MEDICAL BOARD is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the public by improving the quality of medicine and surgery through education, credential verification and a certification process that fosters excellence and recognizes such achievement. Diplomats of the USMB, therefore, have met defined standards of training, education and clinical skills.

Qualified individuals are welcomed to apply for board certification and international recognition in the fields of Medicine and Surgery as well as Cosmetic Surgery. Successful candidates are given the distinction of DIPLOMAT of the UNITED STATES MEDICAL BOARD.